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  • Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman: Ultra-Orthodox spiritual leader dies in Israel
    Rabbi Aharon Shteinman, 104, was regarded as "Gadol Hador" or "Leader of the Generation".
  • EU governments complicit in migrant torture in Libya, says Amnesty
    Human rights group Amnesty says the EU is actively supporting authorities who work with gangs.
  • Syrian army deserters on why they had to escape the civil war
    Seif and Ghadir both deserted the "slavery" of the Syrian Army and fled the country.
  • Putin announces Russian troop withdrawal from Syria during visit
    Russia begins withdrawing some of its troops from Syria, as President Putin visits the country.
  • EU's Federica Mogherini rebuffs Netanyahu on Jerusalem
    The EU says it will not recognise the city as Israel's capital before a final status peace deal.
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