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  • Yellen Breathes Life Into the Dollar But A Trend Takes More Force
    It has been months since the market has looked at the Dollar with as much interest as the currency was paid through the close of this past week.
  • Video: Will Seasonal Changes Revive Volatility and Restore Trend?
    Volatility and trend will eventually return for the financial markets, but the genesis for this revival remains unclear.
  • Australian Dollar May Fall Further on Fed vs. RBA Policy Bets
    The Australian Dollar may continue to fall for a third week as US jobs data bolsters Fed rate hike speculation while domestic news-flow sends dovish signals.
  • Dollar Surges, S&P 500 Stumbles after Yellen Speech...Does it Last?
    After an extended period of quiet for the markets, traders were once again tempted by the jolt of volatility that ended out the past week.
  • Fonterra’s Higher Milk Price Forecast Boosts Kiwi
    The New Zealand Dollar has lost the pace of its recent rise, but the trend remains definitively higher. Economic data continues to be more positive than economist’s expectations as even the recent 25bp rate cut was less than some that expected a possible 50bp cut.
  • BBC News | Middle East

    BBC News - Middle East
  • Aleppo residents communicate with family
    In Lebanon, Syrian refugee Fatima Tarasho communicates with her family in Aleppo through mobile messaging.
  • Syrian war: US and Russia 'achieve clarity on path forward'
    US Secretary of State John Kerry says he and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov are closer to an agreement on Syria. following talks in Geneva.
  • UAE activist finds iPhones security flaw
    Three flaws in Apple's iOS operating system are found that meant spyware could be installed with a single tap.
  • White helmet heroes
    The White Helmets save Syrians from death. What happens when they die, too?
  • Egypt's first female bodyguard breaks barriers
    In Egypt, Hind Wajih Othman has entered a profession usually perceived as male-dominated, qualifying as the country's first female bodyguard.
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